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Outback Import offers a complete range of WARN winches and winching accessories whose the reliability and performance have been proven by users worldwide for many years. Many professionals, firefighters, military and industrials rely on WARN winches for their recovering operations. Every day WARN products are tested and proven in the most remote locations of the world and with the toughest conditions.


  • Zeon winches

    The Zeon winch range is a masterpiece designed by WARN that combines strength and performance to tackle any obstacles you may encounter. The Zeon winch range features a durable black satin cast aluminum casing, a seal and a relocatable control box that allows you to mount the winch as desired.

  • Tabor winches

    The range of tabor winches is the latest range reviewed by WARN at the end of 2016 with a totally new design inspired by its big brother the Zeon winch. This electric winch now has the new convertible control box with a fastening plate replacing the mounting bars. This new version of the tabor range is the new standard of the high performance winch.

  • Industrial winches

    Industrial winches are called like this by WARN as they represent the most powerful range that the brand produces. These industrial winches can endure intensive and repeated use and will be the ones most likely to provide you with the assurance of a job well done and the release of extreme situations.

  • Legendary Winches

    WARN offers its legendary winches know thanks to their history and power, such as the 8274.50, mythical WARN winch with a phenomenal traction capacity and unrivaled speed, a legendary winch for off-road experts.

  • Winch accessories

    The WARN range has rapidly developed a large number of winching accessories for optimum use of your winch to the maximum of its capacities.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 283 items
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