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HI-LIFT has been providing quality jacks easy to handle and specifically designed to lift your 4x4 and help you out of the toughest situations in every type of environment for more than 100 years.

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    Ref : C7

    The Cast Top Clamp-Clevis Hi-Lift is a robust accessory that enhances the versatility of your Hi-Lift jack. Its cast-iron design offers exceptional strength for safe lifting operations. Compatible with various Hi-Lift jack models, its quick installation transforms your basic equipment into an even more powerful tool. Equipped with an eyelet, it allows the...

  • Cric Hi-lift 1.2m
    Ref : HL_485

    The HL-485 Hi-Lift jack embodies power and versatility for off-road adventures. Its impressive lifting capacity and high-quality steel construction make it a robust and durable choice. The ergonomic crank handle and two-stage lifting mechanism ensure easy and efficient operation, even in the most challenging conditions. The versatile HL-485 Hi-Lift jack...

  • Embase de remplacement pour cric Hi Lift HL485
    Ref : C6/24

    The hi-lift jack replacement base is designed to prevent slippage of the jack and is placed under the hi-lift jack in mud or sand.

  • Hi-lift jack model ''XTREM''1.2 m
    Ref : XT485

    The Hi-Lift model "XTREM" for 4x4 is useful for pulling out a bogged 4x4 in association with the combination of a winch. It is often necessary to use a Hi-Lift jack to lift the 4x4 and put the sand or other plates under the wheels and get out of a critical situation where the Hi-lift model "XTREM" jack will allow to rescue alone.

  • Hi-Lift lifting jack 1.50m
    Ref : HL605

    The HL605 Hi-Lift jack, with its imposing 1.50-meter height, embodies power and efficiency for off-road adventure enthusiasts. Constructed from high-quality steel, it ensures exceptional durability to tackle the most demanding off-road challenges. Its ergonomic crank handle and two-stage lifting mechanism make it easy to use, even in tough environments....

  • Hi-Lift Wheel buddy for jacks
    Ref : LM100

    The lift wheel for hi lift will allow you to quickly lift a wheel by its rim. The lift wheel for hi lift is a universal tool capable of lifting the wheel of almost all 4x4 and getting them out of their stalemate.

  • Jack base for Hi Lift
    Ref : ORB12

    The base for jack hi-lift is a socket developed to measure and will allow you to pull out a vehicle stuck by reducing the pressure on the ground on the movable terrains.

  • Jack Protector Hi-Lift
    Ref : JP350

    hi lift jack cover

  • Offroad kit-pulling kit for Hi Lift
    Ref : ORK

    The offroad hauling kit for hi lift will instantly transform your hi-lift in occasional cable hauling, replacing the use of a winch to escape the most complex situations.

Display results 1 - 11 on a total of 11 products