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Lighting accessories

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Find all the accessories necessary in order to mount easily your 4x4 lighting equipment.

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  • ARB LINX central control interface

    Ref : LX100

    LINX revolutionizes 4x4 control, offering a sleek, modern interface. Replacing conventional switches and screens, LINX centralizes accessory control via a user-friendly Bluetooth touchscreen. Its main hub, discreetly located under the dashboard, manages all wiring, simplifying the addition of accessories such as lights, compressors, etc. With six...

  • Pioneer LED Light Bracket RHINO RACK

    Ref : 43174

    Mount LED Lights weighing up to 7.5kg / 16.5lb onto your Rhino-Rack Vortex and Heavy Duty crossbars. Mount your LED to secure them with the Rhino Rack support. Its loading charge goes until 7.5kg.

Display results 1 - 3 on a total of 3 products