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Here you will find all the necessary accessories for your jacks specially designed for off-road vehicles.

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  • Embase de remplacement pour cric Hi Lift HL485
    Ref : C6/24

    The hi-lift jack replacement base is designed to prevent slippage of the jack and is placed under the hi-lift jack in mud or sand.

    Ref : C7

    The Cast Top Clamp-Clevis Hi-Lift is a robust accessory that enhances the versatility of your Hi-Lift jack. Its cast-iron design offers exceptional strength for safe lifting operations. Compatible with various Hi-Lift jack models, its quick installation transforms your basic equipment into an even more powerful tool. Equipped with an eyelet, it allows the...

  • Jack Protector Hi-Lift
    Ref : JP350

    hi lift jack cover

  • Hi-Lift Wheel buddy for jacks
    Ref : LM100

    The lift wheel for hi lift will allow you to quickly lift a wheel by its rim. The lift wheel for hi lift is a universal tool capable of lifting the wheel of almost all 4x4 and getting them out of their stalemate.

  • Jack base for Hi Lift
    Ref : ORB12

    The base for jack hi-lift is a socket developed to measure and will allow you to pull out a vehicle stuck by reducing the pressure on the ground on the movable terrains.

  • Offroad kit-pulling kit for Hi Lift
    Ref : ORK

    The offroad hauling kit for hi lift will instantly transform your hi-lift in occasional cable hauling, replacing the use of a winch to escape the most complex situations.

  • Hi-Lift Jack Mount
    Ref : 5750030

    The ARB bumper-mounted Hi-Lift Jack holder combines sturdiness and practicality to meet the needs of off-road adventure enthusiasts. This bracket offers a secure and efficient solution for transporting your Hi-Lift Jack on excursions. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, this bracket ensures that the jack is securely fastened to the wheel carrier....

  • Hi Lift jack for Winchbar ARB
    Ref : TM-700

    This hi lift jack support will make you able to fix and lock your jack in a specific place.

  • Embase pour Cric Jack ARB
    Ref : 10100111

    The Jack ARB jack base is an essential accessory for improving the stability and safety of your off-road jack. Made from durable materials, this baseplate provides a solid foundation, ensuring reliable lifting even on uneven surfaces. Its practical design fits perfectly with the Jack ARB jack, ensuring quick and easy installation. Compact and lightweight,...

Display results 1 - 10 on a total of 10 products