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Consult our selection of porting solution for the Nautical sector. Simply transport and charge your kayak or boat with our chargers and nautical equipment.

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  • RHINO RACK Kayak Carrier-rear loading
    Ref : R561

    This Kayak Carrier from Rhino Rack includes a rear loading.

  • Mounting system T-Load Kayak kit sling
    Ref : RTLK

    The T-Load Kayak Sling Kit is the must have accessory to compliment your RTL003 or RTL004 T-Load Upright Kit. It is simple to use and a single person will be able to load a kayak or other large load onto the roof of their vehicle.The mounting system T Load kayak kit sling functions like a loading ramp that adapts to the form of your boat or your paddle...

  • RHINORACK universal side loader
    Ref : RUSL

    The Rhino-Rack Universal Side Loader is incredibly useful when loading your SUP, Longboard, Kayak, Canoe or other long gear onto your roof racks.The universal side loader from Rhino Rack is very useful when you use your longboard, your kayak or another kind of equipment. It is a simple process as you can do it yourself. Install your lateral universal...

  • RHINORACK bracket for Kayk/Canoe
    Ref : S400

    The S400 Kayak and Canoe Carrier is built strong with glass reinforced nylon mounts and soft santoprene rubber pads to transport your watercraft.The Rhino Rack brackets for kayak and canoes is made with nylon support and strengthened with glass to make your loading easier. The flexible rubber stamps were made especially to adapt to your canoe or your kayak.

  • Fitting kit RHINO-RACK for S400 Rhino HD
    Ref : S400-FK3

    The S400 Kayak and Canoe Carrier requires special fitting kits to fit on your roof rack crossbars. The S400-FK3 Fitting Kit will suit the following roof rack systems: Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty, Rola* Commercial Bar, Whispbar HD.The fitting kit RHINO-RACK for S400 Rhino HD is suitable for S400 Kayak and Canoe which requires special mounting kits for your...

  • Boat Loader Hitch Frame
    Ref : RBLHF

    The boat loader Hitch Frame is used in the 2 inch receiver hitch to minimise damage to the bumper bars or lower parts of the vehicle when loading and unloading your boat or tinny whilst using Rhino's Rear Boat loader (RBLW).

  • Rear Boat Loader
    Ref : RBLW

    Rhino's Boat Loader is designed so that you can load your small boat onto your 4WD's roof racks without breaking your back.

    Long wheel base : Yes
  • Side Boat Loader
    Ref : RSBL

    With the Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader, you can now load your small boat onto your vehicle's roof without needing to lift a tinnie over your head.

  • Universal Wrap Pads (850mm)
    Ref : RWP05

    Protect your roof racks from damage when loading and unloading your surfboard, canoe, kayak, paddleboards, etc with the Rhino-Rack 850mm Universal Wrap Pads.

  • Nautic Stack
    Ref : S520

    The Nautic Stack gives you the option to carry up to 4 kayaks in the simplest style yet.

  • Side Rail Kayak Loader
    Ref : SLH01

    Loading up your kayak onto Rhino-Rack's Vortex cross bars is now easier than ever using this product.

  • Kit de montage coté gauche kayak lifter sur barres THULE wing bar
    Ref : NKL-FK3

    The NKL-FK3 is a fitting kit designed so you can fit the Nautic Kayak Lifter to the left hand side of your Thule Wingbar.

  • Kit montage droite ou gauche kayak lifter barres THULE 1er génération
    Ref : NKL-FK5

    The NKL-FK5 is a fitting kit designed so you can fit the Nautic Kayak Lifter to the first generation version of the Thule XSporter bar.

  • Paddleboard Tie Down Straps
    Ref : RBAS2

    The RBAS2 is tie down strap with an anchor strap designed to wrap around the nose/tail of a stand up paddleboard.

  • Kayak/Ski Bow Strap Bonnet Tie Down
    Ref : RBAS1

    A tie down strap with an anchor point that wraps around and protects cargo without a front/rear tie off point.

  • RHINO RACK bonnet achor strap with buckle
    Ref : RBAS

    Designed to be quick and easy to attach, the Bonnet Anchor Strap provides an anchor point for long loads when no other tie off points are available.The Rhino Rack strap has been made to be fast and easy to attach plus provides an anchorage point for long loads when you cannot use an attachment point. You only need to put the strap on the zones and make...

Display results 1 - 16 on a total of 16 products