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T3 series

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Choose the T3 Series DBA brake discs for the best performance and durability in competition, raid or work.

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  • DBA Brake discs front Ranger PX T3

    Ref : DBA42132S

    The front DBA Brake discs Ranger PX T3 has been manufactured for more than 35 years in Australia and has established itself as a leading product in the field by using quality components and product performance in order to improve braking performance when You want to push your 4x4 to the maximum.

  • DBA Brake discs rear T3 Corvette Z06

    Ref : DBA42993S

    If you need maximum braking performance for your 4x4, no need to look further, the rear DBA Brake discs T3 Corvette Z06 designed by the Australian leader in the field, will provide you with optimal braking for a long time!

Display results 1 - 2 on a total of 2 products