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Winch accessories 

The WARN range has rapidly developed a large number of winching accessories for optimum use of your winch to the maximum of its capacities.


  • Strap

    The straps are an essential accessory when using a winch, they will allow you to get out of the most difficult situations. During a winching operation, do not forget to use a protective strap.

  • Pulley

    The pulley can have two possible uses, it can be used to make the pulley that is to say to multiply the strength of your winch. The second possible use is to make a return that is to say to change the direction of traction when this cannot be done directly, for example if there is an obstacle on the road.

  • Winch kit

    The winch kit is the best one to use your winch. From the straps to the multifunction bags by way of a pulley to increase the capacity of your winch, it contains all the necessary material.

  • Shackle and accessories

    The shackle is a hook system that can be installed at the end of a rope. It makes it possible to make the junction between a rope and the element that you want to hang, for example a strap to pull the load.

  • Fitting kit
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Showing 1 - 12 of 280 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 280 items
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