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  • Fridge AC power cord for ARB fridges 230V

    Ref : 10910013

    The ARB 230V cord is specially designed to power ARB electrical equipment. Manufactured from quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance to daily wear and tear. It is mains-operated and supports 230V.

  • Fridge Basket ARB 47L

    Ref : 10910006

    The ARB refrigerator basket is designed to improve the organization and management of your refrigerator's internal space by creating distinct sections. It is made from durable and resistant materials. Basket positioned in the refrigerator to support food. Positioned on top. Suitable for ARB 47L refrigerators.

  • ARB 12/24v DC Wiring Loom for ARB Fridge

    Ref : 10900011

    The cable, 6 meters long and 6 mm in diameter, provides reliable connectivity between the power source and the cooling appliance. The presence of a 15-amp fuse ensures adequate electrical protection when in use. This kit guarantees a safe and efficient power supply for ARB refrigerators, suitable for a variety of situations

  • BASKET DIVIDER for fridge ARB 47L

    Ref : 10910005

    The ARB refrigerator basket divider is designed to maximize storage organization and efficiency inside your refrigerator. It creates a boundary in the refrigerator for better organization. Suitable for ARB 47L refrigerators.

Display results 1 - 6 on a total of 6 products