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Roof Racks 

Many accessories have been developed for 4x4 porting, making it very versatile and progressive. Whether you're on a raid, surfing, cycling or you need to carry your professional gear, there bound to be a solution for your vehicle in our off-road vehicle porting selection.


  • Hard top solutions

    You will find your hardtop 4x4 carrying solution among our selection: fixed mounting, artificial gutters, hardtop rails, clip-on legs, strut mounting, cabin mounting...

  • Rails

    The 4x4 rails make it possible to distribute the load better and to adjust the spacing of the bars. They allow a load capacity of 100 kg rolling weight for 2 bars! They are installed in place of the original seal of your roof or directly on the roof sheet. It is the ideal solution to guarantee a robust and reliable assembly. They are pre-cut and bent specifically to each vehicle. 100% reliable and waterproof!

  • Alloy tray

    OUTBACK IMPORT offers you a wide range of light alloy tray of all sizes and shapes to suit many uses. The structure is made of aluminum or galvanized steel, accessories in reinforced nylon, fiberglass, they combine solidity and lightness.

  • Legs

    Discover our wide range of fastening systems. The leg allow you to fit roof racks or galleries, and a large amount of accessories compatible with any type of vehicle. These legs for transverse bars are mounted on original bars, gutters, rivets or rivets. The choice of leg depends on 3 parameters: the possibilities of the vehicle, your plans of adventures and the weight that you think to carry.

  • Roof rack

    The roof rack for 4x4 are adaptable to your off road vehicle, easy to use and lightweight. The sleek and modern look of our roof rack range will fit perfectly into your vehicle design. The roof rack are perfect for your trips, 4x4 excursions, raid departure or professional solutions.

  • Leisure sports accessories

    Discover our range of sport and leisure carrying accessories. Whether you need a bike, ski, snowboard, kayak or boat, you will find a porting solution suited to your needs.

  • Professional accessories

    Find our 4x4 carry accessories for professionals. Our carrying equipment are ideal for carrying your ladders and your professional equipment. These accessories are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 9841 items
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